Having worked in the creative sector for years, Helen Forsyth and Richard Forsyth realised there was a need for a network to connect businesses to freelancers. Self employed creative professionals can become stuck in finding ways to pitch for new business and similarly, businesses often rely on word of mouth and limited local networks to source people for creative projects. It was clear that Find a Creative Pro would be valuable. Find a Creative Pro itself was built by freelancers working together.

Helen and Richard have over 40 years combined experience in the Creative industries.

Richard and Helen have over 40 years combined experience in the creative industries.

Helen Forsyth has worked at director level in several publishing companies and is trained in advertising and marketing. She has excelled as a business and marketing strategist, having represented a wide range of brands to improve their impact.

“Everyone asks us why we don’t charge the businesses for searching the network. We are turning recruitment on its head by offering this service as free for people wanting to hire professional talent. It’s becoming a realisation out there that freelancers who have multiple clients add a level of expertise that you may not source elsewhere. Freelancers are usually sticklers for quality as they have to be, to survive. They complete projects on time, on budget and offer skills and insights that you cannot easily get from someone working within a company.” – Helen Forsyth.

Richard Forsyth has enjoyed a productive career in the creative industry and has held senior roles in publishing, marketing and PR. During this time, Richard has been freelancing as a writer, with commissions as diverse as ghost writing non fiction books to interviewing Europe’s top innovators in the scientific community.

“When you meet creative professionals you soon understand that even if they have a regular job they are freelancing too. There is a huge infrastructure of freelancers underpinning business around the world and we can give that infrastructure a platform. The opportunity to connect to extremely skilled writers, designers, photographers, website experts and so on, is now a few clicks away.” – Richard Forsyth.