Find a Creative Pro is a unique service for businesses looking to hire creative freelancers. Simply search with keywords such as ‘writer’ or ‘designer’, or select a freelancer category and scroll down the page for further choices.

This website provides freelancers and agencies with a platform to showcase skills, projects and clients they have worked with. This way they can be discovered by businesses that require creative expertise, whether that is a writer for a blog, a graphic designer to create a brochure or a team to plan a marketing mix.

We don’t believe in a bidding system as this drives down the contract value and in the process, compromises the skills available to the client. We do believe in professional freelancers working to achieve excellent standards of work to satisfy the needs of businesses. We are not a booking agency either, we don’t take a cut of any contracts placed. We simply provide a place where companies and freelancers can discover each other. We also have a jobs board focusing on creative roles.

Find a Creative Pro is like a ‘little black book’ of contacts. Show off your work as a creative professional to businesses looking to hire.


Search the site using either keywords or filters and find writers, designers, artists and a lot more. Browse or search by skill.

Find a Creative Pro

Find a Creative Pro’s objective is to connect the right candidate to the right job, to fuel the creative industry with talent.

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