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With over ten years of experience in broadcast as a foundation The Cloud Mill offers freelance post­-production, media consultancy & project management services. Ranging from full creative editing, to assisting with the implementation of new media workflows, to post­-producing.

Based in London, The Cloud Mill has been involved with post-production in all aspects, from rushes to renders, from struggles to solutions, from grain to loaf.

Beginning life straight out of university as a Trainee Editor at CSC Media Group in late 2005, Daniel here learned the fundamentals of post-production. By late 2010 he had progressed to manage the department, whilst continuing to develop and hone his creative skills. 2014 saw CSC Media Group's acquisition by Sony Pictures Entertainment and as a reflection of his abilities he gained the additional role of managing their in-house On Air facility. Working on a daily basis with 5 global territories within the UK office, this furthermore expanded his knowledge of all things Post.

The Cloud Mill sees Daniel combine all of these experiences & skills to focus on what he is most passionate about - creating the best possible video content for all audiences, and maximising the efficiencies of creative projects & media workflows.

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