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Bristol-based photographer

Weddings, portraits, editorial and commercial commissions. In the studio and on location.

Hi! I’m a Bristol-based wedding and portrait photographer, but I will happily travel all over the UK and even abroad to capture those special moments.

My first foray into photography began in the darkroom at college, making black and white prints of abstract scenes and textures. Upon seeing the images form in the murky red glow of the developing tray, I was hooked. After leaving university I built a career as a graphic designer. Part of my role involves directing photo shoots for big brands, but the photography bug has never left me and I would often find myself itching to grab the camera!

This led me to invest in a DSLR of my own. People started to notice my photography and before long I was asked to shoot my first wedding. My design background, working with composition, and years of editing and retouching other people’s photography has helped me to develop an eye for what works.

In a media-saturated world, photography needs to be outstanding.

Anyone can take a photograph, but with that you should capture mood, charisma, personality, atmosphere and emotion. For me, it’s about telling people’s stories, finding the light and never missing the details.

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