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A Graphic Designer with diverse & extensive experience, notably in the fashion and beauty industries.

Having been part of small but busy teams I have worked largely on an ad hoc basis, learning and picking up new skills very quickly. I believe the best way to learn is through making and doing.

Creative direction has always played a large part of my role as a designer. I am able to bring brands to life by creating powerful, consistent and bold designs for brand awareness. I have lead the creative direction of many campaigns which include a TV commercial, photo & video shoots, launching new websites and in store campaigns.

In my work I always create consistency within the branding of each range to promote brand awareness & presence, both online & in stores. Working with customers such as Debenhams, Boots & Argos has helped my understanding of designing commercially; I have dealt with complex brand guidelines & managed projects to strict, tight deadlines.

The roles I have taken on have been especially valuable as I art directed photoshoots & created all assets on my own research into current trends & movements. The roles required me to be extremely self motivated & to spend time learning new skills on my own initiative.

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To view examples of my work please visit.

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