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Bath, UK

Updated 2 years ago

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I am an experienced professional print and digital editor and writer specialising in music technology, music production, Mac OS X and iOS, and gaming. I have a comprehensive editorial skill set, a passion for creating and tailoring compelling, memorable, crafted content, and a high level of commercial awareness.

I've also never missed a deadline, and am as comfortable writing a punchy 200-word review as penning a 5,000-word in-depth feature.


Professional Experience


Freelance writer and editor

After 22 years of full-time staff employment on Rhythm and Computer Music magazines, I went freelance as a writer, editor and video producer in 2011. My client list includes:


• Computer Music magazine

• Future Music magazine

• MusicRadar.com

• Mac Format

• Tap!

• Swipe

• Rockschool

• Focusrite

• Novation

• Ableton

• u-he

• Sample Magic

• Sugar Bytes

• Roland

• Native Instruments

• Streamworks Audio

• Sonokinetic

• Icon Blueprint




Computer Music magazine (Future Publishing)

Employed as Deputy Editor in 1999, promoted to editor in 2000.

Managed and edited the world's best-selling music software/production magazine and its various brand extensions. Duties included:


• Managing five-strong editorial team

• Recruitment of team members

• Working up run lists and flatplanning

• Commissioning features and regulars

• Editing features, tutorials, reviews and regulars

• Writing tutorials, reviews, editor's intro and other copy

• Working up covers, from concept to publication

• Liaising with music technology industry, record labels, etc

• Negotiating monthly exclusive software covermounts

• Managing and publishing online content

• Assisting Editor of Computer Music Specials (brand extension)

• Managing and editing Computer Music Ultimate Guides (brand extension)

• Liaising with publishers and senior management

• Flatplanning

• Commissioning and editing

• Writing

• Proofreading and signing off all pages

• Managing editorial team

• Liaising with publisher and music technology industry

• Associate editor of Computer Music Specials

• Editor of Computer Music Ultimate Guides

• Blog, Facebook, etc




Rhythm magazine (Future Publishing)

Employed in 1989 as staff writer, promoted to deputy editor in 1992, then editor in 1994.




Over the course of my career, I've edited two books (The Billboard Home Recording Handbook; The Techniques Series: Rhythm & Percussion) written on (Mixing For Computer Musicians, Flametree Publishing) and contributed to another (Make Music Make Money, Sample Magic); written numerous videogame reviews for PC Gamer and Focus magazines; written a regular technology column for Focus magazine; and contributed reviews and interviews to many other print titles, including Hip-Hop Connection, Guitarist, The Band, Total Guitar, The Jazz Magazine, The Mix, T3 and Gamesmaster.

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