Freelance Art Director & UX / UI Designer

London UK

Updated 2 years ago

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I am an award-winning art director, UI/UX designer and producer with over 20 years experience in digital and print media, TV and radio. I have worked for some of the country’s biggest editorial, media and commercial brands including The Guardian, News UK, BBC, Dazed & Confused, Net-a-Porter, Vanity Fair, Top Gear, Conde Nast Traveller, Esquire and the Wolff Olin’s launch of Very.

I am looking for creatively challenging roles that make use of my skill set. I am available for short and long term contracts and full-time positions.

UI and UX design
Editorial and advertising art direction and design in digital and print
Pitch work, redesign and ideation
Branding and marketing
Building and development of creative teams and departments

I am also an experienced writer having written for Esquire, Arena and currently the music title Classic Pop. I write scripts, including the award-winning BBC3 animated comedy series ‘Hobbies’.

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