Journalist, editor, film maker

Bristol & Bath, UK

Updated 2 years ago

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I have been a journalist on magazines and websites for the last 21 years. Currently a freelancer, I have done everything from editing weekly events magazines to writing about pretty much any subject that I've been pointed at - and practically every journalistic job in between.

For the most part though, I have worked at Future Publishing as a much sought after production editor. Get me on the job and you can ensure that your production needs will be executed quickly, accurately, and with a much needed smile as it gets towards a punishing deadline.

On top of that, I'm a half decent writer, and have provided copy for magazines, papers and websites as diverse as Heat, Metal Hammer, Imagine FX, GamesMaster, We Love Darts, Football Weekends, The Independent, Dixons in store magazines, The Quietus and Irish Dancing Magazine - among many more.

I also have a background in radio, and have worked for or regularly appeared on stations including BBC Radio Bristol, BCFM, Worthy FM, Radio Womad and WZRD in Chicago. And most recently I have just finished a Masters Degree in Documentary Fim Making at UWE in Bristol.

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