Art Director/Illustrator


Updated 1 year ago

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Full design and creative service for print and digital projects.

I have worked in the creative industry for many years with experience in magazines, books, marketing, music, illustration and web design.

My skills include full colour design in various print/digital media from conception including artworking/reproduction stage, full mac literacy with the ability to work in the digital/web environment, commissioning artwork and photography, staff supervision, and budget and schedule management. My goals are to create the highest quality visuals that communicate well to a mass audience.

Specialties: Magazine design, iPad apps, web design, branding, promotion, graphics, illustration, art direction, copyright law, budgets, scheduling.

  • Project:

    100 Best Typefaces Ever



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    100 Best Typefaces Ever


    Design lead on this 180 page bookazine looking at the top 100 typefaces available to all creatives. Each typeface had style examples, text samples and featured projects. There were also exclusive interviews with leading design and typography experts. Created in collaboration with type foundry FontShop.

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