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I am a freelance photographer, based in the Chicago area, specializing in interior and exterior location photography. With over 20 years of experience, I have developed a photography style that includes strong and clean compositions with well thought out lighting. Photographic techniques that present locations in the best possible way.

Locations include commercial businesses, health care, hotels, museums, nightclubs, offices, restaurants and stores from throughout the Chicago area. My images have been published in dozens of magazines, travel guidebooks, websites and other media outlets. I am a contributing photographer to Getty Images. Other clients include AAA Living Magazine, Lonely Planet Publications, Midwest Traveler Magazine and numerous others.

Many assignments required me to initiate contact with a business, explaining my services and receiving permission to come inside to photograph interiors. When jobs included many different locations, it was also necessary for me to schedule appointments logistically in order to be most efficient with time and travel. This has developed both strong photographic skills and business knowledge.

In addition to being my profession, photography is also my passion. I believe my combination of knowledge, skills and interest makes me a valuable resource to have available. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any photography needs with which I can assist. Thank you for your courtesy


Charles Cook

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