5 Awesome Things To Love About Freelance Life

Freelancing has some genuinely awesome pluses. Anyone who is freelancing knows this and anyone considering joining the ranks of  creative independent workers, you should just take a second to understand the liberating freedom of being a professional full time freelancer. It’s not all chasing payment and client hunting – some days it’s simply another way of having excellent ‘me time.’ How many ways do you know of making a living where your commuting time is 30 seconds to the home office and you can choose to stop and start your workday on your own terms?

  1. You choose the music, every day!

Ever been in an office and had no control over the music that’s playing? Maybe Slip Knot’s greatest hits or NWA explaining they really dislike the police, wasn’t quite the right mood setter to write a feature on ‘the beauty of the lake district’? When you are a freelancer you get the ‘proverbial keys to the kingdom’ – you can play whatever you want to as loudly or quietly as you want to. 182h

In the office, the stereo sounds are not often vetted and are the reserve of a middle manager or office alpha. Your own environment means that some days are perfect for loud playlists – others for soothing sound sets. Some days are all about concentration, when you just need silence. Whatever the mood, you get to set the pace and playlist without having to be the party pooper in the office – asking to turn it down, or get scorned for playing something no one else likes.

  1. You don’t carry baggage

As a freelancer, you are drafted in to do the work, end of. This is the best reason ever to avoid getting dragged into office politics. If you work from home, you tend to avoid it anyway and if you are office based, you just haven’t got time to get drawn in. Time spent gossiping is surprisingly draining and disruptive and even if you are just on the listening end, you end up carrying someone else’s baggage. Being a freelancer allows you to be just separate enough to work outside of the chit-chat and get on with the job in hand as a professional.

  1. You learn more brain-1295128_1280

No two contracts are the same and each client has new problems to solve and opportunities to harness. When you work with more than one company, you develop a much broader set of skills, abilities and experiences and as a result, you are able to solve a wider range of issues. This makes you of high value – a master of all trades and not a jack of one. Don’t forget this, next time you are negotiating a fee.

  1. Flexi hours 

Depending on what your freelance work involves, sometimes you have the freedom to bend your 24 hours a day, to suit your work / life balance and do your work, when it suits you best. We’ve worked with creatives who do their best work at 3am and we’ve known busy mums and dads who are most productive from 6am, or simply work the school hours – 9am-3pm or after 9pm when the kids are in bed. If the right person is doing the work to the best of their ability – why stick to a standard 9 to 5?

  1. Dress code – highly optional

345hWear a onesie and eat hula-hoop sandwiches. If you work from home, the cosy dressing gown is often heralded as ‘the robe of independence’. We’ve all been in an office at some point, daydreaming of being home on the sofa, with a mug of coffee and a blanket on your lap. Well – guess what – when you freelance from home, no one is watching and as long as you are working, you can do whatever makes you comfortable. Hell, you can wear a lampshade on your head and you can still talk to a client on the phone with professional tones that won’t betray your hat fetish.

Just beware the unexpected Skype call…

By Helen Forsyth and Richard Forsyth

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