about find a creative pro

If you are a talented creative freelancer, this is where you want to be.

Find a Creative Pro was founded in 2014 by Helen Forsyth, Richard Forsyth and Naomi Knight. Based in the UK, Find a Creative Pro is the one stop website to find premium professional creative freelancers.

created from necessity

When freelancer network sites first emerged online, many independent creatives felt they were getting a raw deal as talented professionals were lost in the sea of chancers, or their work and fee was compromised by bidding down systems.

Nobody won, as businesses were under serviced and received poor standards of work, whilst established freelancers were undercut and disillusioned. To raise standards and highlight professional freelancers, this situation had to change and that’s where we came in.

championing the professionals

Find a Creative Pro champions the professional freelancers who know their craft. We have lived the freelance lifestyle and worked with all kinds of businesses. We are now using our expertise to help the freelance community be recognised as a powerhouse for creative solutions.

We understand how much time and energy it can take to reach out to businesses, to show them the standard of creative work that can be achieved. With increasing numbers of independent creatives working, it makes sense to build stronger connections between companies and accomplished freelancers because it benefits everyone involved.