Freelancer Lifestyle: How To Work Outside Effectively

One of the dreams of freelancing as a career, is seeing yourself working on the beach, in the pub or in the garden. It’s the ultimate escape dream of earning a crust on your own terms, whilst lolling about in the fresh air or supping a G&T with abandon. So how do you make it feasible?

The reality is that freelancers often confine themselves to dusky home offices, begrudging the sunny day beyond the walls. However, with a bit of forward planning you really can enjoy working in the summer sunshine. Here’s a few pointers to make it an easier proposition.

Find shade

Sitting outside all day in the sun means you should take a few common-sense precautions but it’s not just shade for yourself. Trying to see what you are doing on a laptop in the glaring sun can range from annoying to impossible. You can purchase a sun glare filter which helps. You simply hook it onto the computer screen but we recommend a wider shaded area to sit in. If you are working in the garden, maybe invest in a gazebo, which will cut out 90% of that irritating reflection.

Make an office outside

If you sit on the grass or lie down you are not going to endure that for long, expect bum cramps and back ache. So, make a desk outside, even if improvised with a kitchen chair and coffee table. It will make you remember you are working, which might be a good idea if you want to finish your project.

Find somewhere private

Let’s face it, if you go to somewhere really busy you might get distracted by the bustle or other people who want to know what you are doing. It can be good to strategically pick a place where you can be alone with your work, so it gets done.

Source power and Wi-Fi

Not always easy. It can take unravelling extension cables to avoid the battery cutting your day short with an old laptop battery put under strain. For accessing the internet, being close to the house might be the only option to get the Wi-Fi. If you want to go further afield, research public places with Wi-Fi available free, like park cafes with outdoor seating for example.

The purpose of this blog is to just give you a nudge, so you remember that one of the best benefits of the freelance life is making decisions about where and how you are going to conduct your working day. Don’t let a few niggling problems put you off – get outside in the sun and it won’t even feel like you are working.

Have a great summer all you freelancers out there! Use Find a Creative Pro to showcase your talents and you’ll be noticed by businesses everywhere.