How To Reduce Amends Rounds

Amends are part of the creative process but for a freelancer, a limitless amount of amendments can mean that a straightforward assignment can feel like a never-ending nightmare. Excessive changes are also bad for the client because they mean delay on the finished product. So, what can be done?

Agree on the brief

Changing goal posts is a very common complaint for freelancers when a client changes or adapts what they want during the creative process. The brief is so critical to agree on. Make sure that the purpose of the project is clear and understood – because sometimes the purpose only becomes clearly expressed and understood half way through and that can lead to a different brief than the one first discussed. Put the brief in writing, make sure it is shared and agreed and always use it to refer back to. Why not tick off each part of the brief as each bit is completed?

Agree on the contract

If the contract describes clearly a limit of two amends rounds in the fee then both parties will be motivated to ensure each one counts and is comprehensive. If there are more, that time can be charged as extra work. Make sure the contract includes the exact charges of extra amends so that is also clear for the client.

Constant communication

A very common problem in the creative process is that assumptions made by the freelancer are not in line with the wants of the client. Communicate every decision – especially if this looks like it deviates from the brief. Simply saying ‘it looks better this way’ may not be good enough for a client who was specific in their request. Really try to understand the objective the client has from day one, for example – to sell products to a new target market, as this will mean you can think of their business needs as well as their creative desires.

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